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Solutions For Parenting Time And Parenting Decisions After Divorce

When Mom and Dad split up and go their separate ways, they remain forever linked as parents. Redefining your family and those boundaries after divorce can be a complex and contentious undertaking. With the right legal counsel, you can move forward and create a future of joy and stability for you and your children.

At the Law Offices of Pepi Camerlingo, P.C., we help clients navigate the minefields of allocation of parental responsibilities. Our experienced family law attorneys will help you hash out a parenting plan that works for the adults, serves the children’s interests and satisfies the court.

Allocation Of Parental Responsibilities

The Illinois courts no longer use the terms custody and visitation. The law was changed to reflect a societal change. Instead of fighting over “who gets the kids,” it is presumed both parents will actively participate and cooperate in raising their children. The revised statute refers to allocation of:

  • Parental responsibility This refers to decision-making in four key areas: health care, education, extra-curriculars and religious upbringing. Typically, this is a joint allocation, meaning both parents have a say in important matters.
  • Parenting time This refers to the time the child lives in each household. A 50-50 allocation works for some families, but in most cases the child will spend a majority of the time with one parent. A court would consider many factors such as the age of the child, the parents’ work schedules and the distance between their homes, and which parent has been the primary caregiver.

The ideal parenting plan is one that you create, rather than one imposed upon you. With 30 years of combined experience in family law, Pepi Camerlingo and Jen Parks can help you understand what life will be like as a single parent and the elements you need to address in your parenting agreement, from scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs to formal protocols for communication and resolving arguments that arise.

Resolving Disputes Over Parenting Time And Related Issues

Sometimes, it is necessary for a court to weigh in on allocation of parental responsibilities and parenting time. If mediation fails to resolve disputes, our lawyers can effectively advocate for you in contested hearings. We have litigated all types of parenting disputes, such as:

  • The allocation of parenting time
  • Dividing up the holidays, summer vacation and family trips
  • Petitions for sole decision-making
  • Modifications of parenting time
  • Which school or church the child will attend
  • Financial contributions toward college

The court may appoint a guardian ad litem or evaluator to ensure the child’s interests are considered and protected. Our role is to protect your parental rights and assert your concerns and priorities in these high-stakes and emotional proceedings.

Powerful Advocacy And Practical Advice

We know that nothing matters more than your children, and we know how stressful co-parenting disputes can be. You can count on us for moral and legal support. To arrange a consultation, call our Chicago law office at 312-680-0046 or email us. We practice in the family courts of Cook, DuPage and Lake counties.