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Divorce And The Marital Estate

When a marriage ends, property and finances become a central focus. How will you divide your marital estate? How will divorce affect your present standard of living and your retirement plans? Can you and your spouse reach consensus, or will you end up in court?

The Law Offices of Pepi Camerlingo, P.C., provides the practical guidance and passionate advocacy to get you through your Illinois divorce. Our attorneys partner with you to create the strategies and solutions for property division and financial matters that align with your goals and needs for the future.

Toward An ‘Equitable’ Distribution

Illinois law requires that all property you acquired together be divided in an equitable but not necessarily equal manner. Pepi Camerlingo and Jen Parks are well versed in the statutory factors that can tilt the ratio to one spouse or the other. They will help you take stock of your marital estate, establish priorities, and move toward a fair and practical settlement.

Our experienced team can knowledgeably address all facets of property and finances, including such complicating issues as:

  • Possession of and equity in the marital residence
  • A qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to divide retirement accounts
  • Stock options and deferred compensation
  • Valuation of a closely held business
  • Vehicles and valuables
  • Distributing your joint debts
  • Dissipation of assets by one spouse
  • Commingling of separate property with the marital estate
  • Hidden or transferred assets
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony)

Pepi and Jen have 30 years of combined experience in divorce and family law and often collaborate on complex cases. Pepi also holds a CPA designation (certified public accountant), which enables us to advise clients on the financial and tax consequences of property, equity and financial support.

The Right Approach To Your Divorce Settlement

Where it makes sense for our clients, we encourage property settlement through amicable negotiations and divorce mediation. We counsel clients on the necessary give-and-take and can help facilitate creative trade-offs to make the math work.

Sometimes, divorce litigation is unavoidable or the prudent approach. There may be complex disputes over marital versus separate property or the value of specific assets. Perhaps the other party is not willing to engage in good faith. Pepi and Jen are accomplished trial lawyers who can advance your interests in contested divorce proceedings. They also have a burgeoning practice in divorce and family law appeals when a court’s ruling is patently unfair.

We Will Guide The Way

Our passionate, practical and devoted team can help you get through divorce. This is about your life, so we strive to include you in the decisions. We serve men and women from all walks of life, and we welcome complex and high-conflict cases. Our Chicago law practice serves Cook, DuPage and Lake counties. Call 312-680-0046 to arrange a consultation or contact us online.