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Do You Need To Make Changes To Parenting Time Or Child Support?

As time goes on, your parenting plan or court-ordered support may no longer reflect your needs or the realities of your situation. Kids grow and change. Adults get promotions or suffer personal hardships.

Court decrees relating to parenting arrangements or financial support can be modified when there has been a substantial change in circumstance. The experienced and compassionate lawyers of Law Offices of Pepi Camerlingo, P.C., can advocate effectively for you in these legal proceedings, which can get complex and intense.

Post-Decree Modifications

Our attorneys, Pepi Camerlingo and Jen Parks, regularly help clients petition the court for modifications or defend against such actions, including:

  • Increasing or decreasing child support
  • Increasing parenting time
  • Altering the parenting plan (schedules, holidays, etc.)
  • Terminating child support or spousal maintenance
  • Assigning sole parental responsibility (decision-making) to one parent
  • Relocating the children to another state

Where the law is clear, we encourage the parties to reach a practical resolution. But when there is no middle ground, the facts are in dispute or the other party is undermining your parental rights, we are accomplished litigators who will fiercely protect you in a modification hearing. Our firm also handles appeals of adverse decisions.

Skilled Advocacy For Family Law Disputes

We practice in the family courts of Cook County, DuPage County and Lake County. If you need to revisit child support or parenting arrangements because of a change in circumstances, make an appointment. Call our Chicago office at 312-680-0046 or contact us online.